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Pelmasoft is a research and trading company occupied in the biomechanical field. Pelmasoft's systems and sensors are used in important and constantly developing applications in the industry and in medicine.

Our team is constituted of mechanical engineers, software and electrician engineers all of whom share an excellent portfolio, including applications with exceptional results in provocatively complicated environments. Our line of products ranges from simple dynamic and pressure sensors to particularly sensitive and complex measurement and pressure systems.

Pelmasoft's systems constitute of a specific material of element acquisition, based on the software analysis of Microsoft Windows, with sensors of demonstration, pressure and force of element acquisition and the optional marketing reinforcement. Pelmasoft has developed a wide line of unique configuration systems and sensors that resolve many issues regarding the perception of force and measurements of pressure. Our systems are flexible and able to extend, regarding the continuously altered needs of our customers.

Pelmasoft's philosophy can provide and create efficient economic improvement in order to reinforce and extend the utilization of our products by our customers.

Pelmasoft has successfully incorporated its technology in the Oem products and continues the developing of its sensors and systems that quickly become models of the industry.

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9A Verginas str. - 141.23 Athens - Tel +30 (210) 88.39.628 - email: info@pelmasoft.com

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